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House plans are created by engineers, architects, and designers based on generally accepted civil and interior design principles; they are not created taking legal requirements (FSI, MOS, etc.) for a specific city or state into consideration. House plans (and all other drawings, designs, images, and documentation provided under a specific client account with bungalowmakers.com are created by these professionals. Therefore, before acting on any of the plans or designs offered by this site or any of its modes, all visitors are urged to exercise caution and check their local planning authorities. Any losses (if any) resulting from the usage of Bungalow Makers plans and designs are not the responsibility of Bungalow Makers or any of its promoters, members, or employees.

A home or commercial building's construction is a difficult procedure. Sincere efforts have been made to produce blueprints and designs that are structurally sound. The analysis and imagination of the Bungalow Makers Team served as the foundation for the material presented here. We cannot guarantee its correctness or completeness, though. We take no responsibility whatsoever for any material, financial, mental, emotional, or notional loss that may result from the plans and designs above. This information is provided for personal information only, and we disclaim all liability for any loss caused as a result of using it.

Bungalow Makers customers are allowed to purchase their plans and services. Our Qualified engineers and interior designers will create the best house plans or designs based on your specifications and submit them to you. Direct client connection with the designing team may be permitted by Bungalow Makers under specific circumstances, for premium clientele, and entirely at the company's discretion.

Bungalow Makers is a company that thrives on the importance of good civil engineering and architectural planning and uses industry best practices to guarantee the quality of outputs.

This website is simply meant to provide information. Bungalow Makers is not responsible or liable for any content provided by third parties or content from any other aspect of any other Website, which may be accessed from this Website. The information on this website should not be interpreted as an offer to sell, a solicitation of an offer to buy, or a recommendation for the units of its schemes.

All of the content on this website is protected by Indian copyright laws and is the property of Bungalow Makers. No one else, including our clients (paid or unpaid), third parties, or anyone else has the right to distribute or share any of our plans, designs, website content, or other information that they obtain from us, whether directly or indirectly. Legal action may be taken if this is determined to be the case.

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Users are urged to only use the data for informational purposes and to rely on their own discretion when making specific design decisions. The quality, accuracy, and timeliness of the electronic content on Bungalow Makers and its affiliated websites are not guaranteed.

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