Blog Design FAQ

Following are the services offered by Bungalow Makers:
  • Floor Plan
  • 3D Elevation
  • Structured Drawing
  • House Plan As Per Vastu
  • Interior Design
  • Exterior Elevation

After you buy the plan, our consultant will connect with you and ask you to complete a questionnaire. We will develop the model and send it to you as soon as we have a discussion with you. Thus, if your little alterations can be detected and addressed after that. But, if your concepts and goals alter once they have their maps completed, there will be extra fees.

After we finish working on your ideas and plans, we will create designs for 3D elevations, create floor plans, and other things. Once all the drawings are finished, we will send you a soft copy through mail.

You can use the expert search tool on the Home Page of our website by which you can enter the parameters you need or want, and only those kinds of plans will be returned. When you locate a plan that best meets your requirements, you can buy it. Once you've paid for the plan, we'll choose a representative to work on your project, who will oversee all your requirements.

After you've purchased your home plan and return or edit any customization our experts will assess the difficulty of the task and offer you a precise cost estimate for your consideration.

We accept electronic transfers and cash-on-delivery

Yes, our staff welcomes and values every suggestion and contribution. We recognize that you have a dream associated with it, one that we wish to fulfill as you have imagined.

For your "Sweet Dream Home," we promise you the most affordable price available online. The industry's present policies ensure these low prices.

Yes. Bungalow Makers Team specializes in providing original, cutting-edge designs for your space that are of the highest caliber. We provide superior designs for a variety of structures, including bungalows, farms, shopping centers, and more.

Once we receive your query and get connected with our experts, they will immediately share your project with the architects & interior designers team. We will send you the plan's initial draft within the following 24 hours. However, the procedure will proceed as planned following the client's revision and completion of the designs. We can't proceed without the client's final response.